Company Information

Alpha Impex Logistics International Ltd . was incorporated as a limited liability company on the Eighth Day of September 2005.

The memorandum and articles of association of the company stipulates that Clearing and Forwarding of Imports, Exports by air or sea, Road Transportation, Warehousing & Consolidation of cargo shall form the core business of the company.

The company's objective is to satisfy clients' everyday needs and enhance efficiency to ensure that there are no unwarranted extra costs.

Alpha Impex Logistics International Ltd. has benefited from customer retention and grown over the last five years with logistic solutions that simply and efficiently deliver shipments to our clients. This covers both imports and exports. We have enjoyed a stable and sustainable growth with our client base growing steadily.

To serve its clients effectively, Alpha Impex has established several offices worldwide, one in Nairobi and special one for sea freight in Mombasa . Our growing fleet of vehicles and trucks enable us to offer convenient and affordable transport solutions to our clients.

To realize our one-stop shop concept of service, we can ordinarily settle on behalf of our clients any statutory charges pertaining to a shipment up to Ksh.3 (three) million. These would be Customs Duties, VAT , IDF fees, KEBS charges, etc. This is however on a 48 hour quick re-imbursement agreement and a disbursement charge, a percentage of the total amount disbursed, applies thereafter when the time lapses. This ensures that we do not get stuck at any stage of clearing the shipment and therefore unnecessary costs are not incurred.

If all documentation pertaining to a shipment is availed in time, we take an average of two days to clear and deliver air shipments and seven days to clear and deliver sea shipments. We strive to ensure that our clients don't pay any demurrages.