About us

Alpha Impex Logistics is involved in on-time-delivery of all sizes of parcels in Kenya within a 24 to 48 hour period on stipulated consignments pickup and delivery. Alpha Impex Logistics as we are commonly referred to also offers adequate related security for parcels at all stages while in our custody, careful handling as well as delivery.


Other than deliveries, Alpha Impex Logistics extends its services to pick-up, logistical issues including; reverse, warehousing, removals and transportation. In a practical sense we are a one stop shop for all needs related to moving parcels.


Given the changing nature of business and the complex requirements of clients, Alpha Impex Logistics has deliberately chosen to be flexible and innovative to satisfactorily meet the varied needs of the wide array of its clientele.

We are therefore a client oriented courier company. This therefore implies that we are keen to protect our corporate image and assets, quality and performance in our pursuit of this business. We have set out on a success journey and we know that we will attain this goal. As a team we esteem high levels of integrity, honesty, openness, and personal excellence. We exercise these values daily.


DulDul Complex (behind TuffSteel) Mombasa Road
P.O. Box 19150 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Email: 020- 2693619, 020-2693618
Mobile: 0722 588 391, 0722 640 706, 0722 373 172
Website: www.alphaimpex-logistics.com