Why Alpha Impex Logistics

Supporting Investment Base

At Alpha Impex Logistics we understand that to deliver our clients expectations, investment in the business is an imperative. To this end, we continue to invest in a reliable and sustainable future that includes people, equipment and institutions. We are constantly confident in ourselves and the business interests we represent.


We believe and affirm that our customers are our true and honest friends who ensure the success of our business. We are deliberate at listening to them and responding quickly to their current and anticipated needs. We give them the best services in a reliable way. We do not withhold any information that will help our customers improve. We always seek to tell them the truth, earn their respect as well as their business.

We are therefore a client oriented courier company. This therefore implies that we are keen to protect our corporate image and assets, quality and performance in our pursuit of this business. We have set out on a success journey and we know that we will attain this goal. As a team we esteem high levels of integrity, honesty, openness, and personal excellence. We exercise these values daily.

Environmental Responsibility

As a policy Alpha Impex Logistics promotes services that are environmentally friendly and safe to customers. We assist our clients in operating procedures that do not harm the environment.

In carrying out our activities we at all times use environmentally responsible and sustainable energy sources. Our services always seek to maximise energy efficiency. In the pursuit of our collective objectives, we have a re-use and recycling programme for parcel packages.

Alpha Impex Logistics strives to minimise and work towards eliminating the release of all forms of pollutants that environmentally damage air, water, earth and her inhabitants. We seek not to engage in activities that promote greenhouse effects, depletion of ozone layer and increase of acid rain. We will protect all habitats and undertake scheduled risk audits that may be occasioned by the provision of our services and other practices. These audits will form the basis for prioritised actions in our endeavour to be good stewards of our environment. We will also abide by all regulations and laws regarding the environment in every region where we operate.

Waste Management

Alpha Impex Logistics continuously undertakes innovative packaging, runs a recycling programme and encourages re-use of most of the materials as well as undertaking resource reduction. Alpha Impex Logistics does not produce any hazardous waste in its pursuit to provide courier services to her customers. Any arising waste is recycled and what remains is disposed off safely and responsibly.

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